Blank pages after compiling to RTF

There is a poltergeist in my Scrivener program… I know it. :open_mouth:

I just finished my first children’s picture book manuscript. There are only about 1700 words total on 79 pages, so not many words on a page. I have my header set with all the necessary information in the upper right corner and my page numbers where they need to be. Looks like everything should be easy-peasy. Then I go to compile. Still looks good. Then I open up the compiled version in my documents. Everything was where it was supposed to be, but I needed to make a few adjustments back on Scrivener… so I go and do that. Compile again in the same format. Open new RTF document, and start to scroll down through my pages to check everything, thinking that I am only seconds… finally… away from hitting that glorious “PRINT” button. What??? :question: :exclamation: :question: Page 4 is blank… page 8 is blank… page 11 is blank…so and so on. And NOW I have a total of 89 numbered pages pages. Aaaaah!!! What is happening? The compile is custom for RTF, as I did not need chapters or titles for my paragraphs, which some of the other formats did and that didn’t work for me. Everything looks normal in the Scrivener binder. I have 1" margins all around. No footers. Nothing fancy or seemingly confusing. I did try different compile formats, but still got the same results. I don’t understand what changed from the first compile to the second to get those page skips. The text is all still there in the correct order… but it skips pages… although the pages are still numbered. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


There are two places that can set page breaks: 1) documents themselves can request a page break, and (2) they can be procedurally generated based upon the “shape” of your outline. For the first type, check the Contents pane in the compiler and make sure there are no page break checkmarks where there shouldn’t be. The second type come from the Separators pane. If you have no chapters, then might wish to just make sure all of those are set to either empty line (like a scene break) or single line.