Blank pages after Part Title Page

A few months ago I edited my format to add blank pages after a Part Title Page. I want to change that setting again, but now I can’t find it(!) It feels like I’ve looked everywhere, but I know this setting exists. I’m attaching a screenshot of the compiled output…

It wouldn’t hurt to look for the <$BLANK_PAGE> placeholder in the body text.

If that’s not it, then it’s either a Suffix for the Part Title Page Section Layout, or a Prefix for the one that follows.

Thank you, you were right! I had looked in the Part Title Page Suffix originally and didn’t see any <$BLANK_PAGE>s.

I inspected more closely this time (I must have accidentally done Select All) and look what’s there:

Those skinny blue bars must be the <$BLANK_PAGE>s I added long ago, but now they are invisible!

Anyway, I’m relieved. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing in Scrivener formatting. Turns out I did know what I was doing, this behavior seems like a bug.

They must have been manual page break characters. <$BLANK_PAGE> would be visible in the text or Prefix but invisible in a Compiled product.

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Not a bug. You told Scrivener to add page breaks, and it did so.

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Ohhhhh. Gotcha. I use this feature so seldom I forgot. Thanks!