Blank Pages at Chapter Beginnings in epub compile

Hi Folks,
First time posting here. I apologize if this is an obvious question that I just couldn’t find support for in the help documents.
So, compiling to epub (from a blank template), I’ve got a blank page at the beginning of each chapter (as the first page of the chapter) that I can’t get rid of…
I think it’s something to do with how I organized the draft, but can’t figure out how to correct it.

organized like this, which seems straightforward

text- Ch1 Scene1
text- Ch1 Scene2

and so on.

The FOLDER at the beginning of each chapter does look like an empty page on the screen when I click on it. Am I doing something newbish and stupid? Any advice would be appreciated, and I do hope I’ve asked this clearly enough.
Really impressed with the quality of the compile, even as a novice user, I just need to get ride of this one annoying artifact.

thanks in advance

There are three places to look.

In the General Meta-Data box in the Inspector for each chapter folder. If the check-box “Page Break Before” is ticked, untick it.

In the Compile Screen, the Contents tab, check that Pg Break Before isn’t ticked for your chapters.

lastly (that I’m aware of), in the Compile Screen, Separators tab, check to see if anything on this page is set for Page Break. My Text and Folder Separator is set to Page Break, but nothing else is.

It’s likely you’ve ticked either boxes in the Inspector or the Contents tab of the Compile Screen.