Blank Pages Throughout

I have latest version of scrivener on mac. I am working on book and have blank pages scattered throughout. I try to delete the pages, but cannot. For example on one of the blank pages, I have 2 lines of no text but they are highlightable - I cannot delete.

Please advise.

Are these blank pages in the Scrivener project itself, or in your Compiled output document? Is there a pattern, such as the pages always being at the beginning or end of a section?

Finally, was the text created directly in Scrivener, or imported from some other format?

In the Scrivener project, you can use the Format -> Options -> Show Invisibles command to see and delete Page Break characters.


To delete a document, select it in the Binder and then press command-Delete.

The Delete key by itself does not delete documents from the binder. It would be too easy to accidentally delete chunks of your writing without always realizing it. So, Scrivener very wisely uses a different key combination for deleting documents.