Blank Pages with Chapter Titles in Compiled Word Doc


I’m working on a novel, just text, no tables or anything fancy. However, I did begin the novel in Word and then copied and pasted the chapters into scrivener. Yesterday I tried to compile the thirty chapters back into a word document and all I got was the chapter numbers. Otherwise, I had blank pages. This includes chapters that I wrote straight into Scrivener as opposed to copy/pasting them in.

I am using version

Can anyone offer help here?

I have no idea how to help – I’m also using 1.9 and encountering odd difficulties with compiling/exporting. I just wanted to make a comment:

The fact that you posted this very reasonable question on the 16th and have gotten no reply by the evening of the 20th is reason enough by itself for me to not buy Scrivener. I’m all for supporting small companies that produce innovative products, and I’d like to like Scrivener, but four days with no answer from tech support? That’s not good at all.

Actually, I did get a reply to a direct email to the company. Apparently it has to do with how I copied and pasted directly into folders without creating sub files.

They offered me three fixes. I haven’t tried them yet, though because my computer is now on the blink :cry: It took them a little more than a day to get back to me, which I guess is okay for a small company

Mostly I like Scivener

That’s good to know. Thanks. Some companies monitor the tech support forum, but I guess L&L doesn’t.

L&L does monitor the forums, but as a small company—look at the moderators list … that’s everybody in the company apart from Tiho_D who I presume is still involved in programming the Windows app—with over half a million users of Scrivener and/or Scapple to support, it’s amazing how much and how quickly they do get involved with threads here.

Mr X