Blank Pop-up and Freezing

I’ve been trying to create a new format in compile and every time, after clicking “new format” a new screen pops up, is completely blank and the whole program stops responding. I’ve tried checking for new updates and same problem - new window opens up, is completely blank, program freezes. I’ve been unable to close it except through force quitting. Haven’t tried opening anything else - mostly because I’m still new and not sure what I should be looking for. I’ve tried changing the compatibility to every available option and no changes, just a whole bunch of different error messages about compatibility at start up. I’d really like the features to actually work. I can’t even figure out how to submit a support ticket to Scrivener so I’m posting this here.

Submit support tickets here.

I walked away from my computer and just shut it down. Turned it on today and the issues seem to have resolved. Yay for the magic power of telling someone there was a problem and it magically goes away making me feel like a crazy person. :+1: