Blank Project after updating project file format with Scriv 3 beta

Hi, I’m in the process of consolidating my files and I’ve run into a problem.

I’m moving old projects created in Windows Scrivener v1 from their original default folder into a new folder, then opening them with the Scriv 3 beta from the new location. The project updates the file format, a back-up folder is created, but the project once opened has no content. Binder items (folders, documents, etc) are all there, but there are no words in them anymore.

Is this a beta issue? Or have I missed something to do with how projects save? Just a pain if I have to individually open them in their original folder to update them before I move them, rather than update on a needs basis from a new location.


Are you sure you moved the whole .scriv folders, rather tha just the .scrivx files? Sounds to me like you did the latter, but that’s just a guess.


You can safely open them from your original location as the upgrade process creates a backup copy of the project within the same parent folder, before updating the project file format.

Nope, whole .scriv folders. Sorry for the lack of clarity. That’s why the whole thing is so confusing - in theory it shouldn’t matter, right? So long as the project folder remains internally intact?

Yes, but is there any way to move the projects (.scriv folders) from their original location (i.e. where they were first created), and then upgrade them from a new location, without the error I’m noticing? I have around 100 projects that I’d like to shif t to various new folder locations (e.g. Articles, Addresses, Essays, etc) and then upgrade them only when I need to open them in the future. Just trying to avoid having to sit there for a couple of hours and open every one before moving them all.

As long as each project’s .scriv folder is being moved in its entirety, whether you upgrade them before or after moving them shouldn’t matter; Tiho was just letting you know that moving them first isn’t necessary in order to preserve a copy of the original project. That said, if you’ve tried it and the same project does upgrade correctly from the original location but not when moved to your new location, that would suggest either something going wrong with the move action or an issue with the new location. (I’m also assuming here too that the original projects all open fine with 1.9.16.)

Assuming the project folder structure isn’t affected by the move, it could be a permissions error either related to the new location or to how the project is being moved. Scrivener needs read-write access to the text files, so if they’ve somehow become encrypted or their ownership has been adjusted in the process of transferring them, that could be affecting this. You could check the properties on the files within the project folder, e.g. drill down into Files\Docs and right-click some of the numbered RTF files to make sure they’re not set to Read-only or, under Advanced, set to have their contents encrypted.

Where are the two locations located on your drive structure?