Blank quick look preview in Finer (all Scriv files)

I was attempting to scan through my existing projects today using Apple’s Quick Look via the Finder and discovered that it is not working. No matter which project I select, the preview is blank. :confused:

It certainly has worked in the past, so I’m not sure what could have changed. Given that it is occurring with every Scrivener project but only, as far as I can tell, Scrivener projects, I suspect that something’s gone bung at the system level. Beyond that, I’m stumped.

Any ideas on what could have happened and, more importantly, how I can get it working again? If you want me to do any troubleshooting, let me know.

Unfortunately, this is an Apple bug that was introduced in Yosemite 10.10.2 (it worked fine in 10.10.1). It’s not specific to Scrivener files, but to HTML files. Scrivener uses HTML to render its Quick Look previews, and 10.10.2 broke Quick Look support for HTML. If you try saving a web page as HTML, or creating a simple HTML file, you’ll see that Quick Look is broken for all HTML previews.

Apple is aware of the issue (I saw that another developer had reported the bug and had his bug report closed as a duplicate, meaning someone else had already reported it), but whether Apple bothers to fix it before their next OS later in the year, or even then, is anyone’s guess. If they don’t bother fixing it at all, I’ll look into a different Quick Look preview method.

FYI, works in 10.10.3…


D’oh, I need to update!

Your Mac? Nom? Both? :laughing:

Bum. :frowning:

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My wife’s been trying to update me for years, but I still make inexplicable errors. She should probably look for newer model… :blush: