Blank Scenes After iOS Sync

Hey guys,

I’ve been syncing between a Windows laptop (v1.9.7) and an iPad for about a year, and I had the issue where iOS Scrivener would crash during sync starting a couple weeks ago. Before the latest update, I unlinked and relinked the dropbox folder associated with my project, and that seemed to work. It syncs with the latest update as well, but with a new anomaly:

If I sync the project on iOS and open it now, about 6k words’ worth of scenes are missing. The scene icons are there with their respective titles, but the text is all gone, the word count is zero, and the project shows a deficit of about 6k words. The problem carries over to my laptop as well if I open the project there after. The scenes that are missing are all scenes I wrote on my laptop before I last updated Scrivener on iOS a few days ago, but they seem to be randomly distributed through time. One or two are from a few months ago; another is from January. There are no problems with scenes I have written on the iPad post-update.

I managed to retrieve the missing text from a backup file, and I went through the process of unlinking dropbox, following the tutorial on this site to set up syncing to the letter, then trying again with a different dropbox folder, and every time it does the same thing.

Any ideas about what could be happening?

This may not help, but if I were you, I would create an entirely new Project file, and drag or paste all the individual Chapters/Scenes across.

I think they sometimes just go weird, though it’s rare. I had a Project that would only export in a certain font, no matter what I changed, and how carefully I copied settings one-by-one from all my other, properly working, Projects.

The only thing that fixed it was making a new Project and dragging the text across.