Blank space at the beginning of files

I’m new here, so bear with me - if this has been addressed somewhere, I’m sorry.

I find it annoying to have so much blank space at the top of each new file. Is there any way to change this, or even turn it off?


I believe what you are referring to is adjustable margin space that can be changed in the preferenes under Text Editing (at the bottom you can adjust the margin space as you like it). Hope this helps!


No, the margins are on the sides. I mean at the top of the page/file…


Alexandria had it right, there is a setting for top and bottom margin, too. It is right next to the setting for left and right margin in the Text Editing tab of the Preferences.

Indeed, sorry! I just naturally assumed that two margin settings would be left and right… Duh! That’s what you get when you don’t read correctly.


A natural assumption, actually. Most margin preferences are for print, and are four-way for flexibility. Four-way would be kind of pointless on screen though, since you cannot scribble in the margins – well, at least not without expensive monitor repair fees. :slight_smile: