blank space between footnote number and footnote text

Hey all there,

i have some difficulties with the layout of footnotes in Scrivener or rather with the footnotes if the documents is compiled into .rtf I’ve logically searched the board but i can’t find a solution.

Look at the attached image. It is an screenshot of a compiled document presented in word. Is it possible to compile footnotes with Scrivener like 3 or 4 instead 1 or 2. I want one space between the footnote number an the actucal footnote text. I can’t figure it out, how i get it work in the compile-presets in Scrivener.

I know that I can do this later in word but this will be a time-worthing job which will take a while.

Maybe you have some ideas. This would be awesome.

Thanks a lot.


Could you please zip up that project and send it to me at AT literatureandlatte DOT com, marking it for my attention, so that I can take a look?

Thanks and all the best,