Blank spaces added on compile to Word

When I compile binder for Word, the resulting document has large spaces intermittently at the bottom of pages. There is no section or page break, just a huge gap you can’t erase and does not show up as an invisible. After much research I have learned how to solve the problem within the Word document, but don’t know why the Scrivener compile is creating this error.

Here is how to fix:
Select the entire text
Go to format paragraph
Go to “Line and Page Breaks” tab
Uncheck “Keep with next”

Having that box checked is not my default in new Word documents, so why are new Scrivener compiles creating documents with this checked?

I’m not getting a result like that, you’re saying each and every paragraph in the entire document is set to “Keep With Next”? I would verify this by spot checking paragraphs individually, and cross-checking those that have the checkbox with the same paragraphs in Scrivener in the Format/Text/ sub-menu? What I get is that if I select all of the text in Word and go to where that setting is, it is in the hybrid state (meaning some paragraphs within the selection are KWN, others are not). If I click it, I get a checkbox, now it is on for everything, but the initial state was hybrid.

Here is what I would try: create a new blank project as a temporary test. Copy and paste in some test text (use Paste and Match Style so that any existing Keep With Next markers are destroyed) and compile to RTF. Same result?

Mystery solved. I can’t believe I didn’t catch this. I didn’t know Scrivener had a “keep with next” option in the text menu. For some reason there are random sentences in my manuscript–completely random–that have this option selected. I didn’t even know this option existed so I don’t think I assigned it and it is not a part of my “manuscript format” preset applies to all new text files. So, I don’t know how they got in there, but this is easy to go through and clean up.

QUESTION: There is no way to apply a present to entire manuscript while still preserving the italics that is scattered throughout, is there? Thanks.

In case you haven’t found it yet, the Edit/Find/Find by Formatting… palette has a KWN search tool, under “Character Format”. That will jump from one document to the next, so that should help you clean them out. You might also wish to attach a keyboard shortcut to the “Keep With Next” menu command, at least temporarily. That way you could alternate between Shift-Opt-Cmd-G to find the next formatting match, and your custom shortcut to disable KWN. That should make pretty quick work of the matter.

Unfortunately presets will not remove a KWN code anyway (I’m not sure if that is intentional or not, I’ll check), so that won’t help. To answer your question though, you can create presets that do not impact attributes like italics, but you have to save them as paragraph-only presets. Any preset with an underscore ‘a’ icon will change the formatting of the selected text. The pilcrow symbol means paragraph settings will be changed.

Good to know. Out of curiosity, what is “keep with next” used for?

Also, I asked on other board, if I do a partial compile of a longer manuscript and DO NOT want the placeholder tags to calculate/generate new chapter numbers but instead keep the numbering as it relates to their position in the entire manuscript, how do I do that?

Anything where you would not want the current paragraph to become detached from the next. The most common use would be in non-sectional subheadings. You wouldn’t want “12.8 Copy and Paste” to end up all by itself at the bottom of a page, but rather always be attached to the paragraph of text following the heading. I’m not sure how you ended up with sporadic instances of it—probably copy and paste. Since the code is invisible, that can happen.

Here is the thread URL if you need it.