Blank spacing problem with Compile.

Hi there. I’m trying to compile a novel into a PDF. For some reason, every new scene (so essentially the first page of each new chapter) has a big blank space near the top, with the chapter heading not appearing until about halfway down the page. How do I correct this? I find the formatting options really confusing.

Also, page numbers and the book title are appearing on the right hand side of every page. How do I go about to changing these to a different location (i/e page numbers on the bottom, justified in the middle).

Again, having trouble finding simple solution to what I presume should be straight forward.


Yes, these are both fairly straightforward once you know the underlying logic. For most things have to do with the stuff around the edges of the page, such as marginal padding and headers and footers, the “Page Setup” compile pane is where you go. Here you can move the <$p> page number token to the position on the page you prefer (even having an alternating left/right page layout so the number is always on the outside, if you wish). In your case, you would want the <$p> token in the middle bottom field.

For stuff concerning how the text is composed, structured and formatted, that’s all in the Formatting pane. You would want to click on the type of binder item used to generate chapter titles, in the upper half of this. Most frequently this will be the folder type, as most people put scenes into folders and use the folder name as the chapter name. Once you’ve clicked on that, you should see the chapter title layout in the mock editor below. This is where you can change the overall look of the title. In the top-right of this editor is a control for setting the amount of padding used to offset the chapter title from the top of the page.