Blank templates

I posted in the general features forum, but this looks more appropriate.
I’ve recently had a problem with my templates becoming blank, losing any text within them. The internal binder structure (folders and files) remains intact and they are still labeled, but the test within is gone.
So far, I have attempted the following fixes with no success:

Recreate a new template: still blank.
Shut down the computer and restart: no change, templates still blank.
Uninstall and reinstall scrivener: no change.

Could you please, as soon as possible, let me know what is behind this issue and how I may be able to rectify it?


I’ve seen a couple of other similar reports of creating a new project from a template (custom or built-in) creating a project with the correct binder structure and meta-data (label, status, etc.) but none of the document, synopsis, or notes text. At the moment we’re not sure what’s causing this, as we have so little information and it’s not an issue we’ve been able to reproduce or that is affecting many people In the other cases it also hasn’t been completely consistent whether a template will create a complete new project or not, although it sounds like you’re seeing pretty reliable behaviour once it breaks.

Could you create a new project from the template, then check the project’s .scriv folder and see whether it contains a Files\Docs folder structure, and if the Docs folder is empty?

Also, could you attach here or send to AT literatureandlatte DOT com a copy of the .scrivtemplate file that isn’t working for you? It seems like the problem is specific to the environment–that something’s going wrong in unpacking the template rather than that the template file itself is corrupt–but it would be helpful to verify that by testing the file on a different machine.

The docs folder is empty. I’ll make a new template file and send you the results in a day or so-- I have some projects that need to be turned in on a deadline, so I can’t do it at this point, unless you want me to send you some of the built in templates.