Blinking Cursor

Simple question: is there a way to “fatten up” the blinking cursor in Scriv?

I’ve found it gets too easily lost in a large field of text. Especially when jumping forward or backward through text.

I’ve compared it to the cursor in Word. And that cursor is much, much easier to locate.

I’ve checked the Options and can’t seem to find a way this might be done.

Can anyone illuminate me?

You almost had it. :slight_smile: Go back to Options, you were right to go there. Click on the Editor icon, and look below the mock editor. You should see an option for “Use block insertion point”. If you check that off you can then use the width field beside it. The default of 6 pixels looks a bit like an old school cursor, but it doesn’t work as well with variable width fonts. Setting it to 2 or 3 works better with them.


You are insanely and intuitively informative.

I doff my cap in your general direction. :stuck_out_tongue: