Block-breaker writing excercise


a piece of wall in your home you don’t mind… defacing
a newpaper and/magazine

Step 1:

Find a word or phrase that catches your fancy

Step 2:

Tack it to the wall

Repeat steps one and two to your hearts content.

If you wish you may contruct poetry, random gibberings, prose, story, whatever.
There no wrong way to do this.


Or you could try:

Which does the same thing - and it is already on your Mac if you want to use it.


While I have no problem with it in General, I’m not THAT huge a fan of fridge magnet poetry.

There are several big difference between the method I suggest and Fridge magnet poetry:

Fridge magnets give you words considered “literary” whereas a newpaper will give you more or less a random set of words. Also, it gives you lots of words like “The”, “of”, “for” etc. whereas newspapers and magazines won’t.

Fridge magnets are like… 10,000,000 times quicker; which you may consider a good thing, but part of the fun of the newspaper method is that it is a change from the usual high pace of writing we’re used to.

Cutting and tacking is tactile.

The result of cutting and tacking is visually interesting (as a form of collage), as well of textually.

In short - cutting and tacking is a much greater change from how we work anyway, and I find generally more fun and therapeutic. Plus it’s probably cheaper.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m not knocking digital fridge magnets, but I know which I prefer.

My lord Lightning,

The fool vic-k, at the moment, being indisposed, I, his inner demon, am in the ascendent. I do know, however, that he respects you, as a fountainhead of wisdom and pure common sense. In that regard, therefore, I was wondering if you were of the same mind as I, in respect of young Sebastian.

Notwithstanding a certain impetuosity in other areas, I sense a maturity beyond his years, but possessed of a malleable and creative predisposition, that will ultimately, fruitfully embrace many diverse forms of creativity.

How say you my Lord?

Le Directeur

Wow! I’m flattered, thank you!

You`re welcome Monsieur
Le D :smiling_imp: