Block cursor and fixed width editor bug

I was playing with a fixed width editor, and found a bug. Here’s my setup:

  • Full screen
  • Auto-hiding binder & inspector (with inspector un-hidden via the toolbar
  • Horizontally split editor; one-row cork board on bottom, scrivenings session on top
  • Scrivenings is invoked via a single container selection
  • I enabled fixed-width editor with 800 pixel width
  • Enabled block cursor in Main editor & QR panels, 6 pixels wide
  • All other block quote check-boxes are un-ticked (3 of the 4)

When I navigate up and down through my Scrivenings mode, only about 3 lines show up, sometimes fewer, sometimes the text & titles flash on and then off completely. If I disable either the block insertion point OR the fixed width editor, the issue goes away.

I am using Build 24052 (beta).

A-ha! We had a bug report about text not drawing recently, but we couldn’t reproduce it - I think you’ve just identified the factor the user didn’t report, the block cursor. I’ve just uploaded a new beta and changed the code, and in my quick tests, it seems to fixed, so please try downloading the beta:

I’m not sure if that will have some negative effects on older systems yet, but please let me know if you run into any problems with the block cursor in this beta (I may not reply for a while, as I’m off on holiday on Sunday).

Thanks and all the best,

Wow. I just tried it, and it’s fixed as far as I can tell. I had already tested the issue in the new beta before seeing your reply here, and figured you’d already dealt with the bug before I’d reported it. That’s some fast work there, mister!

I’ll report any issues that seem to come up, but someone else will have to test on an older system; I’ve only had this one for a year.

I’ve re-fixed it for the next update, too, in a way I’m more confident in. Ioa noted that the bug only occurred when rounded corners were turned on in fixed width mode, and that was the one extra clue I needed to put together a fix that shouldn’t break on older systems.

All the best,