Block Insertion, etc.[BUG LOGGED]

I played around in the editing part of the Options bar, and one of the things I did was turn on the Block Insertion option. Then, when I realized what that did, I tried to turn it off, but it wouldn’t apply the changes I made. I had to close down the program and open it back up before I could change the settings back to the original.

In an unrelated note, it’s a bit of a letdown that you can’t import anything but rich text files. It would be more convenient if .doc or .docx files were also available to be imported, since everything I’ve written has been in Microsoft Word.

I also think it would be helpful if it became easier to edit text on the page-- italicize and bold it, etc.

Personally I’d rather deal with .odt… :wink:

The usual shortcuts - ctrl-b, ctrl-u, ctrl-i - all work (at least in beta 1.3). There’s also a formatting bar, much like Word’s, that can be activated or deactivated via View > Layout (or ctrl-shift-r).

Huh. Just tested and I have the same problem in reverse - I can’t turn the block insertion point on. Every time I tick it, whether I hit apply or not, it changes nothing and when I return to the options it’s unticked again. I’ll test it after restarting Scrivener when I’ve hit my NaNo target for today and see if it changes.

Beta version 1.3 here.

No change, still can’t turn it on. (I’ve tried several widths for it, too, up to 20 px from the default of 2.) Not that I particularly need it, but it would appear to be a bug of some sort, so I want to do my best to reliably reproduce and report it - anything else useful I can do to provide extra information?

Beta 1.3

Block insertion point does seem broken and I have logged a bug for this.

As far as doc, docx and Open Office - odt etc. They will all be incorporated for import before Scrivener is released in Feb 2011. I have just got the export working for postscript and open office docs; a ten minute job as I was in the class library fixing something else so I thought I do this whilst I was there. Imports from these formats is not difficult either and are highlighted in the tutorial as missing features currently; however, unless we get the RTF bugs fixed first then these import filters will be useless regardless. So, please bare with us whilst we address the most pressing and destructive bugs first.


Of course! I hope you didn’t take my OO comment as a complaint, I’d be more than happy with the program even if there were no import options at all and I had to manually copy/paste everything in myself! Ability to import OpenOffice and other documents is a VERY low priority - more of an unexpected luxury, at least for me. :slight_smile:

MetalWings, this is not a difficult task and I for one need support for OpenOffice import and export, so don’t worry.