block insertion point color in normal screen mode

I’d like to request the ability to set the color of the block insertion point color when in Scrivener’s normal screen mode. I work with a light text on a dark background and the block insertion point shows up the same color as the background (black) making it very difficult to see.

In fullscreen mode this isn’t a problem because I’ve checked “Override text color*”, which seems to set the block insertion point color. I’m just looking for this same functionality to be consistent across normal and fullscreen modes.

Great job with Scrivener Keith. I can’t wait for 2.0.

You’ll be able to set the insertion point colour in normal mode in 2.0.

Thank you Keith.

Has this vanished again in 3.0?

No. It’s under Appearance > Textual Marks.

Thanks. I’m fighting my way through the upgrade at the moment. :smiley: