Block insertion point

In 1.0, seems to be stuck on, whether check or not in Editor options. Using Verdana font, so see as a small blank box hiding part of next letter.

I don’t know if it will help much, but could you post a screenshot showing this in the editor and also your settings in the Editor option tab? I’m not able to reproduce this, but maybe that will give me an idea. Are you seeing this throughout the interface, i.e. in the regular editor and in full screen on multiple documents in multiple projects? Any difference if you use a different font?

Damn - it’s OK now. I mean, hooray. I love this software - can hardly wait for Sync options so I can buy an iPad to use with it.
I was in the midst yesterday of upgrading my two systems to the 1.0 version I had bought, and making sure I transferred the right version of my NaNoWriMo novel from one to another - I move the whole .scriv folder and subfolders. So I may have had just the “right” mix to cause that problem. I’ll watch for it again, and check out the things you mentioned if it comes back.
BTW - just installed 1.1 - works fine, cursor normal