Block Quote Formatting Trouble

So, I think I managed to get myself into quite a pickle. I’m trying to take some information from a shorter, formal paper on the Scarlet Letter, and put it into Scrivener since I’m making a longer paper out of it. And I cannot get my block quotes and indents to format correctly. And, accidentally, I deleted the formatting preset for “Block Quote Essays” before making any of them work properly, so I can’t simply recreate it. Let me try my best to explain.

I’m trying to create something like this (taken from Pages):

So I copy and paste that section into Scrivener (Since Pages docs are not recognized, and word docs get formatting even more confused) and it looks like this.

Before I accidentally deleted it, I would then highlight the block quote, and select that formatting option. Now, it’s gone, but I tried the other options and none would work. So I tried to preserve formatting, and that doesn’t get it to look right either. The best I’ve gotten is something like this.

In Scrivener:

The quote is in preserve formatting, with the rest of the document above and below. However, in the PDF of that doc, it looks like this:

Which is close, but there are still a few things off. Namely, the indent at the beginning of the lower paragraph, and the fact that the text does not stretch across the page. I’m positive there’s an easy way to fix this, but I’m at a complete loss. Can you help me?

And I’m sorry if this question has been asked before. I did search the forums, but couldn’t find an answer. I hope this all makes sense; I’m been at this for far too long and did my best to explain clearly. Thank you very much for your help!

This deals with much the same problem.


What you need to do is to format the paragraph as you want it, then save that as a formatting preset so you can use it again when needed. If you click and hold on the line-height in the formatting bar, then go to “other” at the bottom, you will get a panel with options for various things like padding.