Blockquotes in Markdown to LaTex

Hi guys,

I’m having a hard time putting a block quote in my dissertation using Multimarkdown, which I then export as LaTex. As far as I understand it, you just need to put a “greater than” in front of the paragraph that is a quote. Unfortunately, the symbol remains in the final PDF and the text is not indented. Other markdown symbols, like italics, seem to work fine. Am I doing something wrong? I think it might have something to do with the encoding, which I had to play around with to make German characters work, but about which I know so little that I can’t fix it myself.

I’ve attached a .zip with sample files. the block quote starts on page 4 of the PDF.

Thanks for the help!

Ryan (223 KB)

What is your LaTex code?
Block quotes in LaTex do not use the ‘>’ symbol at the beginning of a line.
I am not that familiar with Markdown syntax.

One of the options for a block quote would look like this:

This is a block quote.

I would try compiling to MultiMarkdown plain and examining the text file to make sure everything looks accurate in there. This is the same output that Scrivener will be feeding to the MultiMarkdown engine to create the .tex file, so it lets you step into the process a bit and “debug” it.

From the .tex file you attached, I can see that the > character is being placed into an inline equation environment, like so: $>$. That ordinarily shouldn’t happen, so long as the bracket is at index zero of the line. If there is a space or anything else in front of it, then it will be treated as a character.

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for your help. I think that I must have had a few errant spaces in there—especially after the “>” symbol—that were throwing everything off. It now works great!

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