Blockquotes in RTF

When I use the Markdown block quote syntax:


It exports correctly to HTML but by the time it gets to RTF, the indent has disappeared. Any idea how to make this work?

I did come up with a workaround. Instead of using the > syntax, I just type QUOTE: in front of the block quotes, which is easy to replace with the proper formatting in Word. But if there’s something I could be changing in the CSS, please do tell.

Apple’s textutil program doesn’t appear to support blockquotes, so there’s not a direct way to do this.


Fair enough.

Though I haven’t heard yet from anyone running Leopard as to whether it’s version of textutil is improved, and whether it supports ODF. I’ll ask around.

I played around with the new textutil a bit this morning, and preliminary evidence suggests that it is doing the same kind of brain-dead conversion that it used to. It supports many new formats. Wordml, ODT, DOCX, and so forth, but from what I can tell, it is merely taking the appearance route instead of the semantic route. Headers are just big font bold paragraphs, blockquotes are not indicated at all. Most disappointing. The produced ODT file is binary, so I cannot be positive this is happening there too, but AbiWord at least, seems incapable of reading semantics, if there are indeed any at all. It could just be a problem with AbiWord. I’d be surprised though, because Wordml is human readable, and though I am no expert, it does appear that everything is just styled paragraphs.

Honestly, this doesn’t surprise me. Apple doesn’t seem to worry too much about semantic text documents. Pages tries, but it’s not perfect, and there’s not a good import mechanism that preserves the semantic meaning…

Oh well.