Blocks of text inadvertently shifted to the right somehow

I have several paragraphs that seem to start at the left margin and indent a few milimeters to the right more than the rest of the text. The ruler for the entire document is the same, and adjusting the global left margin and indent positions doesn’t fix it. What’s going on?

(Yes, this is my third post asking for support today. Said I was a noob. But also I’m wondering if Scrivener 3 for Windows is just buggy af?)

If you haven’t, do the built-in interactive tutorial, found in the opening screen and under help. That’s a better way of learning the software, instead of asking a lot of questions in the user forum.

To be fair, the tutorial doesn’t even use the word “ruler” and doesn’t talk about indents specifically—furthermore this question seems to be about an anomaly that does not respond to the correctly applied approach of resetting the indent positions.

Two things I would check:

  • Right-click in the odd paragraphs and looking for a “Table” entry at the very top of the contextual menu. If you see that, you’ve got an invisible table in the content somehow, there is a command in that submenu to remove it.
  • You could also have an invisible list, check the Format ▸ List submenu and make sure it is set to “None”.

Quite right, but when the user mention being a noob and having posted three questions the same day, the tutorial is probably a good start.

in addition to answering specific questions, especially ones that won’t be answered by the tutorial.

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as far as I know, all the questions I’ve asked are not in the tutorials.