Blog management

I’ve been asked to write a blog about the classical music industry- - any recommendations about how to manage blog postings, topics, scheduling, etc.?

Thanks -

I use Google’s Blogger to run two different blogs. It runs in your web browser and is easy to control if you want to keep the blog very simple. Previous threads on the forum have discussed other software, like MarsEdit. You may find those threads by searching on terms like “blog software.”

As for management, I try to write new entries once a week and more often if the developments warrant. For something that covers an entire industry, you probably need at least daily postings. Posts that contain pictures are more eye-catching than plain text. Inviting comments from readers is a good way to guarantee return visits. It’s very helpful to install the codes that allow Google Analytics to record how many hits you’re receiving, their points of origin, and what pages people read and for how long.

You’d be wise to develop “correspondents” who send regular copy that you may edit and post. Having to write daily copy that’s original, accurate, and lively is very exhausting. As is working as an unpaid journalist!