Blog review of Scrivener

I meant this as a review but it seems to have come out more as a paean of praise. Oh well…

On my website…

Or on Blogger

They’re one and the same article…

Oh, I like paeans of praise. And wow - thank you. In fact, the whole review made me want to get on and use Scrivener myself - and then your last words nailed it. Yep, after 1.1, that’s what I’ll do, or Scrivener would suffer for it.

Oh, and as for “scrivenings”… Yeah. I just couldn’t think of anything to call the whole “Merge documents dynamically” thing that would fit under a toolbar button.

Anyway, thanks again!

I think you can be forgiven ‘scrivenings’… I put in the last bit because everyone around here seems to be advising the same and I hate being left out.