Blog RSS Feed

I noticed L&L’s blog doesn’t provide a RSS news feed URL in its header,

Is there a URL we could use so as to keep up to date with the blog in a news reader (I use Feedly) without having to periodically visit the site?

We have this on the list of things for our web developer to add, once they update the site (probably for the Windows launch). It should have been in place from the start (as with visible forum feeds), but it was an omission that went missed throughout QA.

While we’re at it, is there any way they can make a couple of modifications in the forum software?

  1. Add a “read next unread thread” button, preferably at the top and bottom of a thread, so that instead of having to go to the “unread messages” search and then open each thread individually we can just start at the top and work our way through each unread message?

  2. And working with 1) but also separate, be able to mark forums as “don’t monitor” so they wouldn’t even show up in our overview list or in the flow of 1) above?

The first one may be possible within theme-space, but the second seems more like core programming to me. We’ve only ever had them work on the theme for phpBB, I’m not sure if they have any experience writing mods or whatever it would take to change something like that. It would take new database columns, etc., to track that kind of info.

I’ve seen that functionality on other pHpBB-based forums, so didn’t know if it was provided by a core module, an add-on, or custom code. Thanks for at least considering it!

Cool, I have it on the list to check for mods, chances are if you saw it, there is something out there that does it.

Any updates on RSS feed support for the blog? :slight_smile:

Good news: it exists in our prototype site finally, and should be available on the live site sooner than later.