Blog to Book - Success and Failure

The Success
I first used Scrivener in Windows to write a short (40,000 words) family history book. Scrivener was brilliant :smiley:
The workflow I used was:

  • Write in Scrivener
  • Compile to RTF
  • Import to Serif PagePlus for DTP page layout
  • Output from PagePlus as PDF
  • Upload PDF to Lulu
    This worked more smoothly than I could have hoped for :smiley:

The Failure
Now I want to use Scrivener to produce a blog to book (actually Scrivener to blog and Scrivener to book) with:

  • Output to Google Blogger, and
  • Output to RTF to import to Pageplus for DTP as I did before, and
  • Output to eBook (mobi/epub)

With all the possible combinations of copy and paste, export, and compile; and conventional formatting and MMD, I’m not sure where to start. Is there a simple way to do this from Scrivener and if so has anyone any suggestions as to what workflow to use :question: Do I use conventional formatting or MMD :question: Is MMD only for HTML output and if so would I have to author each post in both formats :question: Ideally suggestions, as to a child, that could be followed by someone who is just a family historian and computer user, not a technical wizard :confused: Or am I asking too much of Scrivener :question:

Oh, and being family history, there are almost always footnotes…

Thanks in advance