Blogging with Scrivener & Rapidweaver... best workflow?

I’m trying out this new-fangled “blog” thing, and I ended up with Rapidweaver through a macheist bundle, so I twiddled and fiddled and now have a website I’m mostly pleased with. I want to keep Scrivener in the workflow so that I can incubate my ideas for blog posts, then edit them, adding metadata like blog tags and categories, and then finally snapshot my entry and move it into a “published entries” folder.

From there, I want to export my blog entry and then somehow automate getting it into the blog section of Rapidweaver; maybe by using automator or applescript. I would LOVE for there to be a way to transfer my custom meta-date fields of “blog tags” and “categores” into Rapidweaver’s fields for such things.

Barring a reasonable workflow for Rapidweaver, is there website creation package that would allow me to do something like that, but not break the bank for what is essentially a hobby at this point? I’m not even sure I’ll keep up with my blog, so I don’t want to invest a lot of time, effort, and money into this if I can avoid it (and if I can avoid a LOT of effort in the automation department).

Howdy. I use MacJournal for writing blog posts, and it is a simple click to post it on Wordpress. I bought it prior to using Scrivener or Tinderbox, so I am staying with it for a while. Simple, but not sure it meets your needs.

I also have MacJournal, but after using it for a bit, there was one major flaw: No snapshots. I moved back to Scrivener because I messed up a mostly well-written idea by revising all of the goodness out of it. In Scrivener, I always take a snapshot first.

I peeked at the contents of my RapidWeaver project files, and it looks like I’d have to have some kind of XML-reading & writing script to add my blog tags.

Maybe if I learn more about multimarkdown and XML, this might be possible.