Bloody Amazing...

I’m a professional screenwriter, have written a produced feature film, a produced telemovie, two produced TV shows and a large number of things that have never seen the light of day. I’m currently writing my first novel. I have used Final Draft for 15 years, since version 2.

I stumbled upon a link to Scrivener on Joe Hill’s website late last week and downloaded it.

I believe I will never use Final Draft to write a first draft again.

Finally, a software programme has been developed that has everything I need!

Scrivener is just brilliant.

The only thing I have needed to add since importing my novel four days ago was a comprehensive Thesuarus. I loaded Spell Catcher, turned off everything and set up a hotkey to trigger the Thesuarus from inside Scrivener. It works perfectly.

Thanks for the software. I can’t wait to see how it is developed!


Thanks! :slight_smile:

This sounds interesting. Could you explain that a little more? Did I see right that this “Spell Catcher” also does the job of, let’s say, “TypeIt4Me” (which I am test-driving in the moment), that is, to expand abbreviations like “bw” to “Best Wishes, AndreasE”?

I ask because I need such a tool for my emails, but I’d like to have a thesaurus also, and it’s surely a good solution to handle this on the level of the operating system with a tool that is available in every application.

And what do you mean by “I turned off everything”? What does Spell Catcher need to be turned off?

Thanks in advance.


I own SpellCatcher and update it regularly. It is reliable and offers amazing functionality. It was particularly helpful when I started a heavy series of translations from Russian Japanese into German English – just using the thesauri to create a somewhat less German English.

But SpellCatcher is so useful, that it sometimes feels clumsy. I turn all options off most of the time. It just installed in case I need to enter another new field of language again…

It does serve the same purposes as typeIt4me, and when I had to decide which one to buy, I decided for the wealth of features. T4m is quite expensive compared to SpellCatcher. But maybe, it is not so clumsy?


The thesaurus is great, but there are SOOO many features in SC that you have to turn most of them off just to type a line. I’m more than happy with the Dictionary in OSX anyway. I just bought SC for the Thesaurus and it works a treat.



Nisus Thesaurus (available free at is also a pretty good alternative, and works nicely via Services in SCR

The nice thing about SpellCatcher is that there is a German dictionary and thesaurus available, too. (I am German writer, BTW.) Although the spell checker of Mac OS X works quite good, I’d like to have a thesaurus as well. So I think I’ll try it the next weeks.

I long ago bought a license for TypeIt4Me but I never found it useful (it seemed buggy). It’s a one trick pony that, as Maria noted, is very expensive considering how little it does.

Spell Catcher does expand abbreviations and, imo, does it far better than T4M—it can handle extremely long expansions. As for use with emails, SC has cleanup routines you can customize to fit your needs. You can even set it up to automatically find and type names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc., from your Address Book.

SC also includes a lot of keyboard shortcuts and a ton of other features. It’s indispensable, as far as I’m concerned. It started out as a dictionary/thesaurus app but it now does much more. I’ve used it for years and it is still one of my favorite apps.

You can have many SC features running all the time or turn off features you’d prefer to use only when they are needed. The Preference settings are extremely flexible.

Thank you, miles111, for this encouraging statement. I’ll definitely give SC a try!

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powerloader, sorry this turned into a SC thread, but there is some useful information here about that great app.

AndreasE, after discussing Spell Catcher in this thread I tried using its various “automaticâ€

Does the same happen in TextEdit or, say, DevonThink or MacJournal? These apps use the same text engine as Scrivener. There is nothing in Scrivener that should stop it from working. Unfortunately, I refuse to install Spell Catcher on my system ever again. I installed it on my iBook ages ago to try it out, didn’t like it, and had problems uninstalling it. No matter what I did it seemed to linger and take control of programs with which I had never wanted to use it.

All the best,

Now, THIS sound by far less encouraging…

In the moment I have TypeIt4Me installed for the test period, and it works quite well in all applications. But, well, it’s not a thesaurus.


Maybe I better stay with my thesaurus BOOK…

I never had any issues installing, using, or uninstalling Spell Catcher X, or previous versions going back to the Classic days for that matter. Just thought I’d provide another experience…

Sorry if I missed something in this thread, by I use TypeIt4Me and have Nisus Thesaurus in my Services menu. Seemed to work just fine the few times I’ve needed a thesaurus. :slight_smile:

And do you use it within Scrivener?

OK, but I am a German writer. SpellCatcher promises to provide a German thesaurus, the Nisus thesaurus is (as far as I can see) only available for the English language.


I have, without issue, but I normally leave auto correct off, so I’m not sure that corresponds to your usage scenario.

Hi Keith,
I no longer have MacJournal on my machine, but I did try using Spell Catcher with all of the apps listed below. The results are also listed. In every case, the results are different than those I experience when trying to use Spell Catcher’s automatic features in Scrivener.

Here are some additional things I noticed when trying to use SC with Scrivener: with interactive checking turned on, SC will show corrections for the very first word typed. When auto suggestions are made (like this) hitting the space bar is supposed to get rid of the suggestion list and enter the space, this allow you to keep on typing and ignore the correction. In Scrivener this does not happen. No matter how many times you press the space bar, the cursor will not move one space to the right so you can type the next word. Intead, the cursor will “stick” to the end of the first word. If you keep typing, SC will keep showing the suggested changes, Scrivener is never able to insert a space and get rid of th suggestion window. You end up with a very long series of letters with no spaces. You can only continue typing normally IF you select one (any) of the suggestions from SC’s auto suggest window.

TextEdit: Works fine except that it will not change a lower case letter to a capital in the very first word in the document. I think this is because I changed a setting some time ago that I can’t find right now.

Journler: Same as TextEdit.

Jer’s Novel Writer: same as TextEdit.

Mellel & M$ Word: SC works perfectly.

CopyWrite: Automatic features don’t work, at all.
Spell checking a selection or document manually works fine.

Finally, like others who have posted here, my experience with Spell Catcher has been long and trouble-free: I’ve used it for well over a decade and have never had a problem with it.

Hope this information helps.


Unfortunately I can’t really support Spell Catcher. I have no idea why any of this would be the case - Scrivener is doing nothing illegal, though it may be that the way Spell Catcher interfaces other apps conflicts with the way that Scrivener does things such as auto-caps, smart quotes and so forth.

It might be worth turning off all of Scrivener’s typography options in the Preferences - turn off auto-caps, smart quotes, smart-hyphens, smart-ellipses and smart-symbols - and seeing if that helps. That should make Scrivener’s text handling work pretty much like TextEdit. Like I say, I certainly don’t want to insert SC myself as I don’t really like the way it takes over everything, and besides which, it is not up to Scrivener to try to second guess how other apps are going to try to intercept its internal workings.

All the best,

Hello again, Keith,
I tried turning off all of Scrivener’s automatic typography options you mentioned and nothing changed.

The fact that Spell Catcher’s interactive features don’t work with Scrivener won’t present a problem for me. Like Maria, I leave them off almost all of the time. And the SC features I do use a lot all work fine in Scrivener. I was testing them more as a matter of curiosity than out of a personal need (after reading one of the posts).

At one time I wrote a load of short ad copy. And, as you know, many products use “cute” spelling: Kool Koat, that kind of thing. Then there were the companies that have a tag line they love and insist on using at every opportunity. When doing that kind of writing, Spell Catcher’s terrific expansion feature was a life (and, sanity) saver.

If it ever happens that I need those particular SC features again, I’m completely at home working in Mellel, so I’ll still have them available to me.