Bloody Amazing...

If you only use SpellCatcher for its auto-expansion and auto-correction features and don’t want to spend any further money on this kind on software, you could also try Textpander, the freeware predecessor of TextExpander. It works with every program that has text input fields and has never caused me any trouble.
You can’t download it from the developer’s site anymore, but it should not be too difficult to find the free version. (If your Google-fu is too weak, you can PM me and I’ll send you a backup version.)

For the record, I used SpellCatcher under OS 9 for a while and found it absolutely terrible. It installed a handful of system extensions and control panels that caused all kinds of conflicts and completely messed up my system. Never tried to use it under OS X though, because for me it was the epitome of everything that was wrong and wonky about OS 9 :slight_smile:

TextPander (and TextExpander, its successor) is excellent, but just to clarify, it’s only guaranteed to work with Apps that use the cocoa text system.

Which means it should work fine with Scrivener, of course, but can have problems with other apps. For example, it doesn’t work at all with Final Draft, because FD uses its own (heavily hacked) text system.

Well, it works flawlessly with non-Cocoa apps like Word and Firefox and every other program I’ve ever used. If it doesn’t work with Final Fraft, then its text system would indeed seem to have been rather heavily hacked …

I didn’t say it wouldn’t work at all with non-cocoa apps, just that it can be patchy. Caveat emptor, and all that.

I noticed that TypeIt4Me doesn’t work with NeoOffice - but that’s because NeoOffice has it’s own (and faster) AutoCorrection feature, so it’s more that these two tools work at the same time and interfere. (But it’s possible to tell TypeIt4Me to have a rest while a NeoOffice document is active, so it’s easily fixed.) Might be it’s the same thing with Final Draft - I remember these scriptwriting programs have functions that suggest already used character names when in dialogue mode etc., which is more or less the same thing.

Bummer! Sorry! I didn’t realize. :cry: (I’m crying with you, since I can think of no other suggestions…)


Thanks for the info, Jan. I only used the SC expansion features for that specific kind of writing—I’m no longer doing it.

I do use SC on a daily basis for checking spelling and looking up words, using the thesaurus, etc. I prefer Spell Catcher to every dictionary/thesaurus I’ve ever used. An I mentioned earlier, it’s one of my all-time favorite apps.

I rarely used OS 9 so I don’t know anything about its quirks, but I dealt with plenty of preference conflicts in earlier versions ot the Mac OS. : )