Blotchy background in focus view

I am using Scrivener 3.0.3 for Mac OS, and in focus view (which I love) I am getting different sections of background colors. Some gray and some black. How can I get a consistent black background color? See the attached image below. Can anyone help?

Screenshot 2018-07-26 09.28.51.png

The text with the lighter background is probably highlighted in some way. You can check by looking at the same section in the standard editor view.


Hi, Katherine.

Thank you for your reply. I would understand if the underlying text was highlighted, but it is not. I am attaching a shot of what the same text looks like in standard view. Any ideas?


I’d need to actually see the project file to say for certain.


Hi, Katherine

I would be willing to send you the project file to you offline if you send me a direct email. Mine is


Please send it to the support address, and mention me in the subject line so someone will call it to my attention. Include a link to this thread to remind me of the context.


I think the highlight colour might be white, which doesn’t show in the editor with the settings used in your image. If so, this should work:

  1. Press CMD A to select all the text

  2. Format > Highlight > Remove Colour

Slàinte mhòr.

Hi JoRo,

Thank you!! That seems to have done it!

Furthermore, I had a similar but more subtitle problem with shifting darkness of the text in full view. By selecting the whole document (CMD-A) and then clicking on black for the text color, that problem was solved, too.

I must have highlighted some sections and then, rather than removing the highlighting altogether, I turned it white.

Genius!! Thank you, JoRo (and Katherine).


Good news.

In many cases, it is beneficial to use “no colour” (which, as it happens, presents as black by default) rather than actually using “black” when setting a font colour … unless the user has a very specific reason for colouring text black as part of a defined and immutable design choice.

This post by Scrivener developer Keith explains why: … 73#p269773

Slàinte mhòr.

It’s equally possible that you were the victim of an earlier macOS bug. There was a bug introduced in macOS 10.12 whereby if you highlighted anything in the text, all other text in the document would be invisibly highlighted white. I implemented a workaround for this, and Apple fixed it in 10.12.2, but if your document was edited in 10.12-10.12.1 in a version of Scrivener before the workaround was implemented, it is possible this is the cause.

All the best,