blowing my mind!

Just watched the screencast tutorial and the video tutorials and honestly, 2.0 is blowing my mind! :open_mouth: There are so many new features I haven’t even tapped into yet (and old ones I’m dying to use now – corkboard and index cards. Yeah, I know :blush: ). The addition of serious footnoting and commenting features, as well as the new sync features have made Scrivener priceless for me; all the other features are icing on the cake. Yum, yum, yum!!! Thank you, Keith. You’re forgiven for taking so long with it :wink:

I know how you feel. Scrivener has been by far one the greatest pieces of software I’ve ever purchased. As an artist I paint and model all day, so I love to come home and flex my creativity in writing: game design, short stories, a novel, etc…

Never have I seen a single piece of software with so much power and organizational tools as Scrivener which is so polished, so perfectly tailored to the user. This program definitely blows me away in terms of quality, performance and usability.

Thank you!

Just saw the Tip o’ the Day on Quick Reference Windows–had to come here and double down on the unabashed praise for this program. Mind-blowing indeed. I can’t believe you’re doing this all by yourself, Keith. Unbelievable!

Mind boggling, indeed!

If only every piece of software, in every domain, had the kind of care – thought, insight, and in-depth understanding of usage – that Keith has poured into Scrivener, computers and online life for us all would be quite different.

Me too. I thought I had read that Scrivener 2 would be a fairly modest update, with many of the new features hidden away (I don’t know exactly where I got that idea). Instead, it’s a very successful rethink of the interface, with nearly everything touched up. I really like the new version of Edit Scrivenings (whatever the new name is). Now I use it extensively, selecting 2 or more documents in the binder as required. Excellent all round.

Thank you both! Coming from long-standing 1.x users, your words are greatly appreciated!

So…as a non-long-standing user of 1.x, my words are not appreciated? Have I done something to offend you?

“We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy!”

Oh! Sorry! I glanced up and somehow missed your post, I have no idea how. Your words are VERY much appreciated! Thank you! I genuinely didn’t mean anything by it and really did somehow miss your comments… Argh, sorry again!

Perhaps now you’ll believe that I am doing the coding by myself though - my coding squint is clearly affecting my ability to read the forums.

Thanks again!
All the best,

No problem. I give you one grand Jaysen salute:

Eek, not another! :slight_smile: