Blue Box Around Text

I cut and paste some text from a project that I had imported and am having a hard time manipulating the text (can’t remove indentation, there is a gray line in the text I can’t remove). I selected show invisables to see what might be causing the problem and saw a blue line box around my text that isn’t there for the other bits of text. I don’t know what this blue box is and I can’t seem to remove it.

That sounds like a table - was the text originally copied from a web page or from a table somewhere? That would explain the indentation issues and suchlike too. Ctrl-click on the text and see if “Table…” is the first option in the contextual menu - if so, then it has a table cell around it. Choose “Table…” to bring up the table palette and use that to set the number of rows to 0 - that should remove the table cell.

Hope that helps.

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Solved it. Thanks so much.