Blue box?

I create a new scene (Stage play UK format) and any text I write is inside a blue bux with a cut out line around it… What is that?


Because somehow you have turned “Preserve Formatting” on - Format > Formatting > Preserve Formatting.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you - but it seems to be the default setting if I create a new scene…how can I turn it off?

What about when you start a new text document in non-script mode? Does that have the same problem? If so, it sounds as though at some point you have assigned the “preserve formatting” attribute to your preferences - take a look at the “Formatting” pane of the preferences. Does the blue box appear there too?
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Yes, in the sample in the formatting preference pane is blue - but I can’t find where I could turn it on or off… Thank you again

In the Editor (not in Preferences) select some text that doesn’t have the preserve-formatting box, then in Preferences:Formatting, hit the button to “use current.” (In the Editor, you can select the text and choose Format>Formatting>Preserve Formatting to deselect the option if necessary.)

This is a bug that’s been fixed in one of beta builds for the next release, just FYI. It’s not supposed to work like that. :wink: