Blue line next to icon after saving?


I noticed that after making changes and saving my files, a blue line has appeared on the left side of my file icons. I’m worried if this means my files have become corrupted in some manner. Does anyone know what this means?

That does not ring any bells, but it sounds to me like a simple display glitch rather than anything truly threatening. However it would be good to clear it up. Could you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? Maybe there is an actual feature doing this that isn’t clicking in my mind with the way you’ve described it.

Meanwhile, you could play it safe and re-install the software from a fresh download. Display glitches, if that is what you are experiencing, are nearly always an install problem.

If you mean the project’s icon in Finder now looks like this:
as opposed to this
that’s not an issue. If Finder is set to show the file preview instead of the generic icons, then your Scrivener project files will update their image when you’ve saved the project and the index file generating the preview is updated.

Yeah, that’s it. I was probably just being paranoid, but it’s good to have it cleared up. Thank you very much.

No problem! Better safe than sorry. :wink: