Blue screen problem...finally narrowed it down[ADDRESSED]

I don’t know if anyone else can recreate this, but I finally narrowed down the blue screen problems that mysteriously started when I installed Scrivener for Windows. What happened is I opened the NaNoWriMo template and immediately clicked Save As… to change the project name to my novel name and not screw up the template if I wanted to use it for another project (I know, I know, I can always redownload or re-unzip it if I need to). I accidentally saved into the NaNoWriMo Template.scriv folder rather than manually switching to My Documents. It appeared to create an infinite loop of folders within folders that crashed Windows. I tried to delete the root folder in My Documents, but Windows 7 wouldn’t let me…said the file name was too long. I realized after some fiddling in CMD that the nested folders weren’t infinite, but there were about twenty of them. I tunneled down to the end of the folders and couldn’t delete the files within until I moved them to C: and deleted them there. Only then could I delete the root folder, and thus all subfolders within.

Just posting my experience in case it’s recreatable and see if there’s a way to fix the program from doing this again…maybe defaulting the save directory to My Documents rather than the last opened folder? I’d hate for someone to go through what I went through the first time this happened to me…I wound up having to reformat the computer because I couldn’t figure out the problem…until it just now happened to me again.

Thanks Kaylyn, I will augment the program to check if a user is trying to save a project to an existing project folder and provide a warning.