Blue underline- Autocorrect?

When writing sometimes the app will change words I have just written or am currently writing and a blue line will appear under the word. For example, I’ll be typing “scares” and it autocorrected it to “acre” before I had even finished typing the words. This has been happening very frequently and I know its not just due to typos. Could someone please tell me how to disable this feature? Its very distracting when writing and I’m afraid some “corrected words” might go unnoticed and my writing sound like gibberish. Thank you

I’ve noticed the same thing since updating to Mavericks - I think it’s actually an OS X issue. You can turn it off in Scrivener, though, by going into Preferences/Corrections, and unchecking “Correct spelling errors as you type.” Uncheck it. You can turn it off system-wide by going to System Preferences/Keyboard/Text and unchecking “Correct spelling automatically.”

Yup, this was added in 10.7 or 10.8, but it seems for some people upgrading to 10.9 has kicked it back on again even if they turned it off. As pointed out, you just need to turn it off again. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy, I’m glad there was such a simple solution!

If you are using iOS, and voice to text, Apple has seen fit to underline words with blue dots that may not be correctly translated by Siri. This drives me B. S. Crazy . An easy fix for me, highlight the entire text, tap “cut” on the pop-up menu , tap the screen to get the cursor, tap “paste”. All of the blue underlines are now gone because the text is pasted instead of written by Siri. No need to paste into another app, works right within Scrivener. :smiley: