Blurred text


Scrivener text is looking slightly blurred on my new laptop, in a way it didn’t on the old, lower-spec one.

I thought maybe it was a problem with the device, but all other text, whether online or in other apps, is crystal clear–much sharper than on my old computer. It’s just Scrivener.

I can still read the words, but the blurriness is straining my eyes. Is there something I can do to improve this?


Does this thread help you any? … 30&t=54234

Thanks very much for the link, StarDog.

I don’t that’s the problem, though, as all the fonts I’ve tried look blurred in Scrivener compared with the same font on any other app, or even online.

What laptop do you have?
What is the screen resolution?
How have you adjusted the resolution for Windows (ie. 125% or other windows adjustment).
Which version of windows 10? 1803 or 1809 or 1709
What adjustments have you made in Scrivener like zoom level and font you are using and size.
Is the problem with the article text, the menus, the binder, all of them?

The problem I had on my laptop is that the display is 4k resolution. Windows 10 is magnifying everything at 250x. Newer apps will not show a problem because they handle the upscale properly (like Scrivener Beta 3 for Windows). You can work around the fuzzy text by changing a setting on the scrivener executable file. You know, right click then select properties. Under the Compatibility tab you will see a button labeled “Change High DPI settings.” After you select that and the new panel appears, check off the box to “Override high DPI scaling behavior.” Set the drop-down menu below that to Application. The side effect of having your laptop’s display at 4k resolution and overriding the dpi scaling is that now your text will look good but all the icons will be microscopic.

I’m assuming this is the problem you are having. I was shocked at how crappy Scrivener looked on my new laptop compared to everything else. I found an article here regarding the problem and this was the workaround solution to using the current edition of Scrivener. Otherwise, use the new Beta.

Thanks very much, DarkestHelmet: that’s really helpful. I’ll try and get the Beta 3, as you suggest: I meant to get Scrivener 3 as soon as it came out anyway–and hoped it might resolve the blurry text problem–but didn’t think to look for a Beta.

Thanks for your reply and willingness to help, SteveShank.
Everything on the screen is blurred except for the file name (no idea why that’s exempt). I’m not that skilled with computers, so DarkestHelmet’s suggestion to get Scrivener Beta 3 is probably the most practical for me.

If your problem stems from having purchased a Hi-Res screen (more than 1920x1200), and you have Windows 10 versions 1803 or 1809, then DarkHelmet’s suggestion for overriding default high DPI scaling might be better. 3 is in Beta and there isn’t a Windows manual yet and there are some problems which is why it is in beta. For example, sub-bulleted or numbered lists don’t work. The current version is more stable.

Going to version 3 also might work great for you, but it is not considered ready for normal consumer use and you say you are not a skilled computer user. I’d try his fix for the current version first.

That said, I do prefer version 3 and it does work ok for me.

Thanks very much, SteveShank: that’s very helpful. :slight_smile: