Blurry texts

Hopefully somebody can help me with the following problem.

I just got a new laptop and installed my Scrivener database. However, it looks all blurry, like it is slightly out of focus. I have tried changing the resolution in my laptop’s settings but that only made the appearance larger and no less blurry. All my other programs look normal…

Any suggestions would be welcome!


What is the resolution of your monitor? This should be the best it can do.
Is the blurriness in the binder? menus? toolbars? or the text you write?

This is likely the HiDPI issue (very high resolution on physically small displays). See the following. … i-displays

L&L has indicated that this will be resolved for the Windows version of Scrivener in version 3, due out in 2018, via incorporation/use of a newer version of the Qt cross-platform framework. See the Windows portion of the following blog post for a discussion of the update numbering and schedule details.

Hope that is of some assistance.