board account platform selection

btw, while i’m here, this is a little o.t. for this forum section but i’m here at the mo and there is no ‘forum bugs’ section. :wink:

in your forum user control panel user, you are able to select ‘windows & mac’ as your main platform(s) but there is no corresponding selection for ‘linux & windows’ (which is my case).

you can only choose linux or windows separately even though you might mainly be using both those two.

Yeah, I noticed that as well. I’ll look into it.

Okay, give it a shot. You should see a Linux + Windows selection choice now. It’s mainly a vanity thing at this point. Because the Linux and Windows code base is so very similar, it’s mainly there so we can easily see if the person asking the question is using one code base or another—but it’s not big deal to add it. :slight_smile: