Board glitch?

I’ve noticed in this thread (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=24530&start=30) that a couple of people’s profiles show that they have zero posts, which seems odd, because I’m seeing at least one post as it is. A quick search on such a user will show multiple forum posts.

Is this a sign of some issue with the forum software, as we wind up toward NiAD day and NaNoWriMo? :open_mouth: I hope not!

Well I can’t speak as to whether is a glitch or just a design fact, but it’s been that way for some time. Posts made in the Announcements section of the forum do not count towards a persons tally.

There’s an option in the Admin Control panel that admins can choose whether posts in specific forums count towards a user’s post count.

It’s quite buried in phpBB:
Admin Control Panel | Forums | Edit the forum you want to manage | Groups’ forum permissions | Look up user group: Registered Users | Select a forum | Advanced Permissions | Misc

Thanks! I’ve changed the setting. It probably won’t fix the existing counters based on the wording, but should start counting from now on.