board navigator as in Scrivener ?

I am using scapple more often now, and I miss a couple of things:

  • the first one is a navigator between different boards / or just a file with different boards, so I can have in the same file all my schemes on the same topic. In other words, something like a project /document as in Scrivener.

  • in connection with the previous one, the second is the option of having a vertical split, so I could work in my big screen with two different boards. This is a great option in Scrivener and I think this one (along with the previous one) would make Scapple a killer application …

I have no idea about how complex may be to implement this in this nice software, but both options are in Scrivener, so I suppose ( and I hope) it should be easy for you to implement Scapple with them.
What do you think ?
Kind regards,

I believe you’ve just provided your own solution. :slight_smile: Scrivener makes a very nice Scapple file organiser, especially since it can display previews on click, and loading the file out of the editor is a simple matter of clicking “send” button in the footer bar, or using the Ctrl-Cmd-O shortcut. But if you want a longer answer, here it is. That answer also covers any other method of placing more than one document in a window, like splitting.

Oh, very nice! Thanks for asking the question, fer, and for your solution, AmberV. I also have been using Scapple for more kinds of writing–brainstorming, taking notes, collecting research bits–and the collections are starting to get unwieldy.

Great ! Thank You for your answer and links. :bulb: :smiley: :smiley: