"Body" Preset Reverts Back to Optima

I’m not a fan of Optima. I used the Preferences menu (global preferences under the Scrivener menu) to change the default text font to Palatino. This included changing all of the presets (including “Body” text) to Palatino. When opening a new document, all of the presets work except for the “Body” preset. This defaults back to Optima.

Just to make sure we are on the same page, you’ve placed your cursor in an example paragraph, used Format/Formatting/Redefine Preset From Selection/Body and then confirmed the settings in the resulting dialogue? I couldn’t tell by your description if this was the process you used, as presets really don’t have much at all to do with the application Formatting preference pane. If that is the process you used, and the font attributes just aren’t sticking even if you have the dialogue set to include font settings within it, I would just try deleting the Body preset and re-creating it from scratch—perhaps something is messed up with it and causing the save routine to fail behind the scenes.

I set global preferences using the Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting pane. Inside that pane, I set the following:

Main Text Style: Palatino, 12pt

In that pane, I took the extra step of redefining all the presets to Palatino.

Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting/Presets/Block Quote: set to Palatino 10pt
Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting/Presets/Body: set to Palatino 12pt
Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting/Presets/Essay Block Quote: set to Palatino 12pt
Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting/Presets/Heading: set to Palatino 18pt bold
Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting/Presets/Sub-Heading: set to Palatino 12pt bold
Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting/Presets/Title: set to Palatino 28pt bold

However, the Formatting Presets don’t seem to save. When I opened the document this morning, all of the formatting presets had reverted back to Optima. And even though the Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting dialogue box says that the “options will take effect for all new documents,” it doesn’t seem to work. I changed all the presets to Palatino, but when I create a new, blank document, all of the presets have reverted back to Optima.

The presets have nothing to do with the preferences - the only part taking affect for new documents is the main text formatting itself - the presets are available there so that you can use them to format the man text.

That said, redefining the presets should still work, but you can’t redefine them from the text area inside the preferences pane - that area isn’t even selectable, so if you tried to do it from there it wouldn’t work. Redefining the presets will be taken from the main editor, so you will need to ensure the main editor is set up to use the font you want when you redefine them.

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Success. I redefined all the presets using the Format/Formatting/Redefine Presets from Selection menu. I went through each preset, manually switched the font to Palatino, then saved it using the “Redefine Presets from Selection” feature. Just to be safe, I gave each preset a new name. This seems to have permanently changed the Formatting Presets. When I open a new document, I can happily write everything in Palatino.

So it works and I won’t have to deal with it again, but in my opinion, this is a weird user interface thing. Keith, you say that “you can’t redefine [the presets] from the text area inside the preferences pane - that area isn’t even selectable.” I point out that you don’t have to select the text. If you click on the formatting icons in the strip above, the text reformats. I think its reasonable for a user to assume that she is changing the universal preferences when she does this. In fact, it would be a handy way to change the universal preferences. Why have a “global” preferences window if you can’t actually set global formatting preferences in it?

But to redefine the presets, you do need to be able to select text, which you can’t do in the preferences panel as that is just a preview of the selected format - you cannot even click in it to get a cursor. The strip across the top is there to allow you to change the format inside that box, which applies to the main text.

Presets are global anyway.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted!


Yes, you are correct on all your points. I’m just arguing that it’s not intuitive. Why make the user set the global default for the Main Text in one window and the global defaults for the Formatting Presets in a completely different window (accessed by a completely different menu)? Shouldn’t any global formatting preset be accessible through the Scrivener/Preferences/Formatting pane? Just something to consider. It’s possible that I made a crazy leap of incorrect logic, but, in general, I find Scrivener very intuitive. This threw me.

No, this is pretty standard for the way presets and styles work - it would be very weird to move presets into the preferences, when currently they can be set from any text you are working on in the editor. Currently if you set up a text style in the editor and realise that you are using it a lot, you can just select it and create a preset from it. It would be highly annoying if you had to re-set it up in the preferences just to create a preset from it. So, although your leap of logic may not be crazy, to the best of my knowledge it is unique. :slight_smile:

Hmm, looking into this further, “Redefine” seems to work from the preferences text area too, so I’m not sure why it didn’t work for you, sorry.