Boilerplate for corkboard

I’m working on a novel, and whenever I create a new scene, I’d like the corkboard to show the same boilerplate checklist (Viewpoint character, irrevocable changes, new ideas, new characters, atmosphere, transitions, etc.). I assume this can be done through templates, and it’s probably obvious or in some part of the manual that I overlooked or misinterpreted, but I haven’t been able to figure it out except by copying and pasting.


If you don’t need a checklist you can interact with, you could always make a picture of it and set that as the background to the corkboard under options.

This sounds like something you could do with a template, but I’m not entirely sure I’m following what you’re describing with wanting the corkboard to display this. Do you mean that each scene should have a series of subdocuments for this info, that will be displayed for that scene document’s corkboard? To do that, you’d create the “New Scene” document in the templates folder, with each of these subdocuments just containing the boilerplate titles, synopses, etc. Then when you create a new scene, choose that “New Scene” document group from the New from Template menu and it will create the whole group with subodcuments. If you switch on “Treat all documents with children as folders” in the Navigation tab of Tools > Options, the New Scene group will load using the current group view mode (rather than always displaying as a single text).

What I’d like is that each time I open a new document that will serve as a scene, the corkboard automatically has a checklist/form which shows as a series of questions or entries to be filled in, i.e. something like:

When, where:
Idea introduced:
Character introduced:
Viewpoint character:
Senses involved:

where I will then fill in the form before writing or use it as a tool when rewriting or editing, so that I can go from document view to the corkboard checklist and back again. I’m doing this now with copying and pasting the checklist onto each new file card, but I’d much rather do it automatically.