Bold and italics for monotype fonts

I’ve used the font Monaco for a long time now. I use it in BBEdit, and the Komodo IDE, and for emails, and in the Terminal. I have… grown accustomed to its face. To me, its monotype typewriteriness is how what I write should look. So after setting it as the default font in my new favorite application I was well pleased with myself. And then I remembered: italics. And bold. And the fact that I might like to use them sometimes. And then I was sad.

I found a reference about how ATSUI technology can fake italics (and maybe bold?) for monotype fonts so I thought I would go ahead and Wish List the feature.

But maybe the results and the overhead (and can I just say how impressed I keep being with the fact that, by the Activity Monitor’s reckoning, such a fine fine super-fine program as Scrivener seems to have no more impact than running, say, the Calculator!) would make it not worth doing.

As an alternative, maybe it could be possible to set bold and italic fonts in the Preferences.

But if not, I can get used to underlining and highlighting. It’s a small price to pay for the greatness of Scrivener and the stubbornness of my not just choosing Courier instead.