Bold in lists keeps disappearing


I’m using Scriv 3.1.5 for Mac OS Catalina on my iMac.

I use numbered lists for things that I need to do. When I’ve done one, I embolden the text. However, I’ve discovered that the emboldened text reverts to normal at some point afterward - but only with certain list items.

I’m having difficulty reproducing this consistently, as sometimes the text remains bold, and sometimes it doesn’t. However, if you embolden one item in a list, then close and reopen Scriv, then it does happen with certain items. It’s driving me crazy!



As for getting a reproduction, it would help to know just precisely what it takes to see it—what actions do you take when making a line bold (there are off the top of my head, six different ways to make text bold, never mind the many different ways one can select text), what font do you use, etc. It’s best to mark down each click and menu command in a list.

If you cannot reproduce it from a blank test document, but have a sample of text that always loses bold on a certain line, then a sample may help.