Bold & Italics

I have a document used an ideas box. Since 2001 I use to write down things, ideas hopefully for later further developing.

It was written using more than one WP (Tex EditPlus, Neo Office, Pages…), now it is in Scrivener, where it is extremely more useful in its hierarchical way.

The problem is that I cannot find the way to add (or change) bold and/or italics in the text. Maybe you can help me?



Try pressing Cmd-B for bold and Cmd-I for italics. This works either as a mode (press the shortcut and start typing, press again to turn it off), or as a toggle (select a range of text and use the shortcut to toggle it on and off for that text). Incidentally, this is pretty standard on a Mac. You should be able to use those two shortcuts in nearly any application that allows rich text.

Also, if you press Cmd-T, you’ll get more text options.

This is a general palette (also typical to other applications), for formatting text.

Regards, Leigh

Thanks friends, but those ways are already used and they do not work. This is the problem. I was thinking about problems created by different WP copied in Scrivener, since text created directly in Scrivener are working fine in the way you are proposing.

I am guessing that it may have something to do with the font. What font do those texts use? Some fonts are explicitly “plain text” fonts - for instance, Monaco. Such fonts do not support bold or italics at all. Try converting the text to a different font and then try applying bold or italics.

I use Optima.
Changing to Geneva or others, it doesn’t work. But it actually works changing to Courier (New) or others.
So you suggest to go with another font? No way for Optima?

Thanks anyway!

Maybe has nothing to share with my problem or maybe it does, anyway when I write directly in Scrivener using Optima font, it does permit Italics and Bold, that’s because I have thought something may have changed importing from different WP.

Yes, Optima should always allow bold and italics - could you possibly send me the file that you imported that is displaying these problems, so that I can test it myself, to