BOLD Text can not be made "unbold" from ruler

as it seems I can not unformat the bold option from text neither with keyboard shortcuts nor the ruler. It only works via apple+t and selecting the font.

this works weel for italic, So I think this is a bug. :smiley:



Could you please give more details? Obviously if this were the norm then I’d be receiving hundreds of bug reports about this, and I certainly can’t reproduce it, so it must be down to a specific situation. Could you first try closing and restarting Scrivener to see if that fixes it (in case some sort of exception is being thrown in the background). If that works, take a look at the console log (open up from ~/Applications/Utilities and let me know about any errors pertaining to Scrivener you see there). If it doesn’t fix it, then see if you get the problem with all fonts or just one font. If one font, let me know what it is. Also check you are not in scriptwriting mode (in which case you won’t see the word or character count at the bottom of the editor but instead a pop-up button with “Scene Heading”, “Action” etc).

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I have the same problem with unbolding but for me it seems to be only with Lucida Sans (at least out of the 6-7 fonts I tested), and it also occurs in Text Edit.

I too thought it was a Scrivener bug at first but that’s because I only ever write in Scrivener :smiley:

I had the same issue with Lucida Sans. I cannot unbold it from either Scrivener or TextEdit. I found out this font is packed with Microsoft Office (2004) as a font suitcase filetype, and is not seen in Apple’s FontBook app. Manually importing this font into FontBook did not help. So it must be a fault in this font or the way Apple’s text framework handles it, not in Scrivener.

BTW I changed to LucidaGrande (a truetype font which is spaced a bit wider and has a different <1>) and all works well.

LucidaGrande is not such a good alternative, it has no italics…

I, too, am having the unbolding problem with Lucida Sans (I have not tried it in TextEdit.)

For me the problem comes when I hit Cmd-B, start typing a new line meant to be bolded, and then try to hit Cmd-B to stop the bolding and continue on in regular font. Everything works fine if I type first, then go back and select the part to be bolded only.

So it sounds like this is an Apple problem, not a Scrivener problem, if it’s happening in TE also?

Yes, it seems so - it happens in TextEdit too. (It doesn’t happen in Pages, but that is built on a different text system.) I wonder if it has something to do with how “Bold” is named “Demibold Roman” in the Lucida Sans font. The Cocoa text system’s way of emboldening a font is just to call through to the system font manager and apply the bold trait; in this case it may not recognise “Demibold Roman”. Lucida Sans isn’t a very good rich text font anyway - it’s better to use Lucida Grande.

This happens to me, too, with Lucida Sans. The only way to unbold text is to open the Font panel, and check the Regular variation.


Yes, it will happen to everyone using Lucida Sans - it’s a bug in the OS X text system, it seems.

(Off-topic, but I would have thought that if not for this problem, Lucida Sans would be a better rich text font, simply because it has real italics.)

Sorry, yes, you’re right. Hmm, it happens to Lucida Bright, too, and Lucida Fax - it seems to be a problem with those three fonts, and those are the only ones that use “Demibold”.

Hmm, indeed, I just tried using Cocoa’s font manager directly rather than calling the “bold” action that the menu item uses. That, too, has the same problem. In pseudo code:

font = [make Lucida Sans font]
-> Correctly makes Lucida Sans font

font = [use Cocoa’s NSFontManager to convert font to have bold font trait]
-> Correctly makes Lucida Sans Demibold font

font = [use Cocoa’s NSFontManager to convert font to have unbold font (i.e. get rid of bold) trait]
-> Font is still Lucida Sans Demibold

So it seems to be a bug in Cocoa’s NSFontManager not correctly identifying the bold of this font.