Boldface Doesn't Work

Hi, For some reason, nothing happens when I try to boldface new documents. I’m using Scrivener version 3.3.1. It happens in both editor and composition mode. Anyone else having this issue and/or know how to fix it?


To answer your question, not seen here. Addressing the issue, exactly how are you doing this?

Hi, Using command-B and clicking B in the style ribbon

Neither works in new documents

Oddly, it works fine as usual in some older documents

I guess there is a flaw with that document (or the projects). Start with the “Zap Gremlins” on the file(s) where you see the issue.

Others will surely have other tricks to try.

Thanks for that suggestion rms, but I tried it on several docs and projects and the zapping did no good.

Any others anyone?

What about the font? Is it the same font as the ones where Bold does work?


Good catch. Maybe the font family does not have bold? Try another font perhaps.

xiamenese and rms, thank you! You’re right. I was using EB Garamond, switched to Times New Roman as a test, and boldface worked like it should.

Thanks again!
Best, David

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For EB Garamond, you need to download and install all of its font files, not just one of them. Weights are spread across the various files, not contained in any one of the several files.

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Thank you, kpedgecomb. Do you know where I can get those other font files? Are they included in Scrivener, part of the MacOS set of files, or something else?

Thanks again.

I was able to download it from Adobe. Thanks again for the info!

I’m glad you found them before I checked in. EB Garamond is produced by Google. The official site is here. Adobe likely got them from there, too.

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Again, thanks. I saw the font family on google but was unsure if that was the best place to get it.

All this has been instructive!
best, d